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Larry R. ("Rocky") McElhaney II is the principal and founding member of RML. He is a 1999 honors graduate of Nashville School of Law.

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Defective Products – Where to Search for Recalls and How to Report One

Have you recently purchased a product? Are you searching for one to buy for a particular occasion?  If so, it is always a good idea to see if a product has been recalled due to some defect or harmful condition.  This may prevent an injury from occurring to you or a loved one.  Most people… Read More »

Car Insurance – Part 4: Umbrella Insurance

In the first three posts of this four-part series on car insurance, I emphasized the importance of having adequate medpay, liability, and uninsured motorist coverage – all of which are available as part of an actual automobile insurance policy.  Umbrella insurance is not strictly part of a car insurance policy.  But it greatly increases one’s… Read More »

Zackery Lystedt, and Tennessee’s New Youth Sports Concussion Law

On October 12, 2006, then 13-year-old Zackery Lystedt, a gifted athlete, suffered a concussion while making a tackle during the first half of a middle school football game.  After sitting out a few plays, Zack’s coaches at Mount Tahoma, Washington, Junior High School returned him to play during the second half.  Zack lasted the game,… Read More »

Youth Sports Concussion News

This past Sunday, The New York Times presented a collection of three articles on the latest developments in the treatment of young people who have suffered sports-related concussions.  I recommend to you all three of these articles written by sports columnist Bill Pennington, especially if you have school-age children in your family. “A New Way… Read More »

Car Insurance – Part 3: “Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury” Coverage

In this third of a four-part series on car insurance, I cannot overstate the importance of every driver and every passenger having the financial protection of uninsured motorinst bodily injury (UMBI) coverage. Uninsured Drivers and Underinsured Drivers A surprisingly high number of drivers on the road have no insurance.  Available statistics for Tennessee indicate 21%… Read More »

Pilot Flying J (Part 2): Potential Remedies for Alleged Fraud

In my last post, I described the federal criminal investigation underway against Pilot Flying J.  Criminal charges have not yet been made.  However, civil lawsuits have now been filed against Pilot Flying J in at least five states. Some of the potential civil remedies include: Consumer Protection Act.  Most if not all states have statutes… Read More »

Remedies Available If Alleged Fraud Proven Against Pilot Flying J (Part 1)

Pilot Flying J, the nation’s largest retailer of diesel fuel, is accused in a 120-page FBI affidavit with defrauding what it allegedly viewed as its “unsophisticated” trucking company customers, for a period of “many years.” The FBI document was filed in federal court in Knoxville on April 18, in support of a search warrant application,… Read More »

Judicial Redistricting Rejected by Tennessee House

Last Tuesday, the Tennessee Senate voted 27 to 4 to approve a bill promoted by Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey that would have affected 22 counties in redrawing Tennessee’s judicial districts.  However, a very different lopsided vote produced by the Tennessee House on last Friday, 66 to 28, defeated the legislation. Tennessee has 95 counties, which are… Read More »

Car Insurance – Part 2: “Bodily Injury Liability” Coverage

This four-part series of blog posts is intended to inform and remind readers of important aspects of car insurance.  Today, in part 2, I address “Bodily Injury Liability” coverage. A Moral Argument in Favor of Adequate Bodily Injury Liabiltiy Coverage The phrase “first, do no harm” is often considered an ethical standard of the medical profession. … Read More »

Car Insurance – Part 1: The Importance of Medpay

This four-part series on car insurance is meant to help you better understand four important things you should make sure are included in your auto insurance policy.  I begin today with “Medical Payments.” Life can be terribly disrupted for a very long time, due to the brief moment of a car crash.  One major form of disruption… Read More »